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Transforming A Laguna Beach Cottage - Part 1

Stone Walkways Go Together Like Pieces Of A Puzzle

The stone walkways and patios go together like pieces to a puzzle. In 1 section they have allowed more space between the stone so planting can take place in the crevices. Manny tells Joe why they choose the stone they did. Arizona flagstone was chosen for many reasons. Time was a consideration. It is easy to work and easy to cut with diamond blades. Other stones could have taken longer to cut and install and Manny had only a short period of time available to complete this project. More time means they require more labor, making cost another consideration. They chose the thick variety of Arizona flagstone, which is almost double in size, because this stone is going to be laid on sand. Thick means heavy, one stone could weigh 200 pounds, thus they often require 2 men to move each piece, but it is stronger. The thin variety when wet becomes fragile. It could crack. There are advantages to laying the stone in sand. One is obviously the cost. It costs less to put on sand but cracks aren't a problem. On sand the stone will move slightly thus earthquakes aren't a concern. Arizona flagstone is available in a red, pink or tan hue. They have chosen a golden, tan color to match the retaining walls and to compliment the house and surroundings.
To lay the stone Manny and his crew first make sure the soil is level and compact. To accomplish this they use a transom. They shoot a line to ensure it's level. The stone is then set in 3 inches of sand. They then lay out the stone and again check to make sure it is level. If necessary they dig underneath the stone, to make sure it is still level. With this done, it should stay in place for years. Manny and crew make it look easy but they are true professionals - hard working, cheerful and efficient. They're a joy to work with.

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