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Transforming A Laguna Beach Cottage - Part 2

The Backyard Reveal

Joe next shows Carol the backyard finished project. Carol can't believe what's happened. It's a dream come true, it is what they asked for and more. They wanted plantings that were in keeping with the design and time of the cottage. She thinks it has a country feel, a beach feel, it has everything. It has an area for entertaining, a place for the kids to play in the grass, a place to sunbathe. It has trees, flowers and color. It's got everything, all the goals that Korina and Carol discussed. Korina made it all happen.

They walk around, look at and talk about some of the added features. There are some beautiful containers. They add impact at the corners where placed. They provide dimension and color. Carol feels she would never know how to do that herself. She notices the window boxes on the garage. Before that area looked plain, dirty, now it's green. The planters add dimension and dress up the area with a simple application. There are trellises. One is against a wall and adds interest. Another 2 trellises block an area that had a lot of service items, things like pipes. This being a 1923 house, the pipes were on the outside at that time. The trellises are covered with vines which will fill in and really cover the area. Carol never knew what to do in this area, how to conceal the pipes. These work beautifully. And they're natural and green. Carol just can't believe the transformation, it's just unreal.

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