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Gardening Lessons In Palm Springs

Palm Springs Gardening Lessons

One of the reasons Garden Smart travels across the country every week is to show our viewers how gardeners across the country deal with challenges and their solutions. Most of the time those solutions can be applied no matter where we live. In this show we saw how the use of layering creates a naturalistic landscape and how important it was to utilize native plants as a way to minimize the use of natural resources and as a way to attract wildlife. Then at Scott's house, he introduced an important concept called hydrozoning - the grouping of certain plants based on their water needs. And he introduced us to dry creek beds, a wonderful way to retain water on your property, allowing it to be absorbed into the ground and into the ground water keeping it from running off your property. So, the only unique thing was the type of plants used. The solutions can be applied, no matter where you live.

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