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Containers - Color And Focal Points

The Correct Container In The Correct Spot

Choosing a container is a very personal decision. There are so many different colors, shapes and sizes, even designs. Hayley when making decisions about a container first considers the house, the style of the house as well as the environment where the container will be placed. If you have a house with specific color schemes, things like colorful shutters or a door, a container is a great way to either mirror those colors or compliment them. So keep in mind the architecture and the colors present at the site. Another consideration, if standing in a kitchen, for example, and that is the area you'll be in the majority of the time when looking out you want your containers to reflect what's on the inside of your home. So from a design standpoint consider the colors inside the home or room.
There are many different material choices for containers. There are terra cotta, concrete, ceramic even wood containers. What are the advantages and or drawbacks of the different types of containers. Hayley likes the concrete container. It holds moisture the best however it is very heavy. Often concrete containers don't offer a wide variety of designs. Ceramic containers come in a variety of colors and shapes. If you have, as an example, a hydrangea that's blooming blue and you have a nice blue container it really compliments the plant. Terra cotta containers typically have a classic look. We see them here throughout the gardens. They do tend to release water, thus typically require more frequent watering.

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