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A Garden Gem In Los Angeles

Choosing A Rose - Talk With Your Neighbors

One huge factor effecting rose gardening has much to do with making the right selection. Selection is a key element in growing roses. Or really, any plant. In the case of roses, talk with your neighbors, find out what grows well for them, talk with a local rose society or go to a nurseryman. Now they will try to seduce you and sell you the most beautiful new thing but get information. That is the key to growing the best roses. Roses can be temperamental plants and climate does play a critical role. Whether it's humid or dry, makes a big impact. In Eric's east coast garden he's been seduced by the giant double west coast flowering English roses. They don't perform that well, they're susceptible to black spot. Also, Aphids and Japanese beetles are problematic. But to avoid these type problems he's moved in the direction of the Knockout roses. They are disease resistant plants and mitigate a lot of these problems. For Clair in the west the Knockout is not as popular because it gets mildew here, but that's not as big a problem in the east. Other than Rainbow Knockout, which is a very nice selection, not many grow Knockout's here. People still like their big double roses that don't do well on the east coast. So, selecting a rose for your area is very important.

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