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Show #2/3902. A Welcoming Front Entrance

Beautiful Addition - A Paver Circle Kit

Eric wonders - Pavers are similar to concrete but with cars driving over them how will they hold up with the weight? Pavers are a flexible system, so they don't crack like rigid concrete. The pavers sit on a compacted base, with sand between each paver. That causes the interlock and that is why they're called interlocking pavers. Installing pavers can be difficult for a homeowner, thus not a job for everyone. The construction sequence is as follows. First is the excavation, they then compact an aggregate base which is typically sand and gravel, add some water so when they put it under a sand compactor they get a nice rigid or semi rigid surface under the pavers. In the southeast they would call a place like Stovall who deliver the aggregates. They do attempt to move water away from the pavers area with drains, etc., then set up a border. In this design they used tan rocks in the middle, then a darker brown stone as edging. The options available to homeowners vary widely, there are many choices. The manufacturers have done a great job of trying to emulate natural stone. There are multiple colors and sizes available. The sizes range from what they call a 4 x 8 all the way to multi piece systems that look like cut flagstone. And, of course they do have have a textured paver, like they're using here. The focal point is a smoother paver, the outside is more textured. One of the hottest trends today is tumbled pavers. They take something like a cement mixer and put the pavers in, beat them up a little, wash them and they come out looking sort of used and old world looking. That seems to be one of the hottest trends. Eric likes this circle kit, it takes a lot of the guess work out of having to cut hundreds and hundreds of bricks. It is a tremendous added value product for the homeowner, the pre-cut aspect is truly a lifesaver and makes for a great DIY project because it dramatically reduces needed cuts. The kit approach has made it more economical to enjoy pavers. When Eric first came down the driveway he immediately saw this installation, it immediately catches your eye.

Pavers, Paving, Edging, Retaining Walls, Patio Stones | Pavestone

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