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Show #1/5101. Water Features In A Garden Can Be Transformative

Water Plants Can Be Invasive

A pond like this is very large but still the MAINTENANCE is not that great because with the water lilies you feed them one time a month. Typical they use a tablet. Feed them north, south, east, and west on the edge of the container, then the next month do it again. And that is it. Do a little clean up and water lilies perform beautifully.

Eric wants to know if Jim has any advice for where we might FIND AQUATIC PLANTS because not every garden center carries them. And secondly if we have a smaller pond are there any plants that we should avoid because they would be too aggressive for a small pond? What Jim does now is Google a plant, that will give you the background of what it is and most often where it can be purchased. But, if you see a plant that you like and it says water plant you should first check and see if it is invasive. If it says it is invasive do not plant it, believe the warning because, for example, equisetum, horsetails, is a plant that is very invasive, it will take over. It's neat, it's interesting, if you plant it by a pond it looks great, people love it but before they know it they are saying how in the world can I get rid of this plant? It is taking over. So if you were to Google equisetum you are going to find out - horsetail, do not plant it because it is invasive. So Jim cautions everybody, there are so many plants that you are going to see on the market that they are trying to sell. Check them out first.

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