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Show #15/5202. Great Plant Combinations = Year Round Garden Interest

A Japanese Garden Needs Three Textures

Every area in a Japanese garden needs to have three textures. A feathery texture, an area that has some sharp, pointed textures, and something that is smooth and rounded. Mix those leaves together with different greens and different textures and it comes together. A Japanese garden is all about the plant material and the textures of the plant material, and selecting the combinations that all work together. Notice the chartreuse of taxus, even though it is very faint, you pick it up with ogon which has more chartreuse or even the acorus or go to the variegated junipers or the chamaecyparis, gold tread chamaecyparis. All these plants working together really give the color you need so you don't need to introduce annuals and perennials. Those echoed combinations are present throughout this garden. It's the blues against the chartreuse, then the burgundy foliage. Beyond that it is just looking at the way we are going to make the different textures add interest inside of those combinations. Eric thinks it is really well done.

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