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Choosing Roses

Roses have often been called the "queens of the garden." And they are without a doubt the most beautiful of the flowering shrubs. But they do have a reputation of being difficult to grow. Eric talks about making them easier to grow so you can have more success with them in your garden.

First look at what we start off with with a rose. Roses are generally available as a bare root product which is a plant that is dug in the winter time and has exposed roots and a cut back top or they're available in containers. If you buy a bare root rose those need to be planted very shortly after they arrive when they're still dormant. If you buy a potted rose those can be available any time of the year. Take the plant out of the container, make sure you don't have circling roots, if you do take a knife and cut those circling roots so that when that rose is planted the new roots are very quickly able to integrate into the native soil. Soil is very important to a rose, probably one of the most important components of preparation for success with roses. Eric recommends getting a high quality garden soil that is designed for roses, something like Miracle Gro Garden Soil for Roses. It will add back to the soil wonderful organic matter, water holding potential and the nutrients the rose needs to survive. Oftentimes the native soils we're planting into are more compacted clays and rose roots have a hard time integrating into those hard soils. Another advantage of these type soils is that they have fertilizer, in this case a 3 month time release fertilizer, a 15-5-10, so you get a burst of nutrition when the roots are growing into the soil and that's in the early spring when the roots start emerging allowing them to find the nutrition they need to grow strong and also to put on heavy blooms. So don't be afraid of trying roses and remember good soil makes good roses.

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