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Show #27/5301. Plant Selections And Care For Shade Gardens

Ground Covers Can Add Interest To Our Garden

Garden Ground Covers are a very important part of the foundation of any garden. Especially as we look at smaller spaces where we want to add a lot of interest. There are many different, really neat colors and textures that can be added to the garden through ground covers. The guys are standing in a very small area with two small ponds. In this area Jim wanted to make sure to keep the scale relevant to the surrounding area. Thus went with almost totally ground cover plants. and there are many to choose from. Here they have used the feathery textures of the Ogon with the dwarf acorus and the smooth, rounded texture of the pachysandra. Jim added the white wood aster, which has a different texture totally from the big hostas which carry the chartreuse colors and the sedums which work great and pick up a little sunlight. Then go with the mondo grass. The super dwarf is a much shorter mondo and they work work well with the gumpo azalea which is a satsuki azalea. They are all low, very much in scale with a small space. They have also incorporated the cephalotaxus, the spreading plum yew. All of these colors work great with chartreuse and different shades of green. Then all you have to do is add several accent plants - the dwarf dissectum maple and one beautiful Ryusen Japanese maple, and you have a beautiful little garden area.

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