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Show #44/5405. #4 Landscape Installation Series

Is An Irrigation System For You?

Eric welcomes Chris. Chris notes that the homeowners have spent a lot of effort getting this landscape installed, and during the first phase they were actually dragging hoses around with sprinklers. Now they're installing an irrigation system. Why might homeowners consider an irrigation system? And, what does Chris think is important to consider when choosing and installing an irrigation system? The biggest reason is to get away from dragging hoses around. And, irrigation systems are an insurance policy. It helps ensure the investment they've made in plant material and their lawn. Those are the two biggest reasons people should consider an irrigation system.

Also, when using more of the broadcast type sprinklers we're indiscriminately adding a blanket of water across our entire landscape. And there is a big difference between turf and say shrubs, perennials and annuals and their water needs. Also that's very water wasteful, a lot of that water evaporates off the leaves which tends to cause more disease problems.

Over the years there have been a lot of technological advancements made with equipment. One of those advances has been with controller technology - the ability of the controllers to be programmed to not only adhere to any water restrictions that may be implemented, but also control the days that the irrigation system operates, control the time that they run and the amount of water they distribute. There are also controller add-on devices that can be installed that enable people to water based on weather conditions from the previous 24 hours, meaning we can get away from a lot of water waste. In addition to that there are rain sensor devices that can be installed which means when it's raining we don't have irrigation water running.

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