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Show #45/5406. #5 Landscape Installation Series

Choosing Trees For An Entryway

We're standing at the grand entry way to this home and we've got four of these beautiful Chionanthus that were field dug at Pat's nursery and they look outstanding. Eric would like for Pat to talk a little about the importance of these trees and their positioning in this design. Chionanthus virginicus or American White Fringe Tree is a great native tree to our area and it works perfectly in this situation because it's not to big and not to small. It has a beautiful white bloom, a beautiful bluish to black kind of berry, a very classic tree, it works perfectly for this situation. The designer was looking for these four trees to kind of anchor a little miniature allay, if you will. So as one walks through you almost feel this sense of intimacy even though it's a really, really wide walkway. Chionanthus is a great choice for that, we wouldn't want something that's going to get enormous right here, it would tend to dwarf the landscape and also up against the house we don't want something's going to get too big, so Chionanthus is a great native and the form is going to be really, really nice and the size is going to basically stay in scale with the landscape as it matures. Exactly, these trees will fill in perfectly but they won't take up too much height to distract us from the house but it will fill in nicely here to really accentuate the house.

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