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Show #46/5407. #6 Landscape Installation Series

Choosing Outdoor Furniture

TK has done an outstanding job with the furniture and Eric would love to know when TK first comes in and looks at a space what's going through her mind, what is she thinking about as a designer to make this space feel like home and to really make it match its surroundings? The first thing TK likes to think about is what the family will be doing here? What makes sense for the function of this area?

Here we are right off of the living room and the dining room, so she wanted to extend those two areas to the outdoors. So, on one side of the porch she was able to make a really generous and beautiful living room setting, then on the other side of the porch tied it to the dining room providing an extra outdoor eating area where they can enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful views. So, in order to tie these two areas together she carried a color theme throughout. Even though it's kind of mixed and matched with different furniture and the different tones it still provides a cohesive look to the entire area. Eric notes that TK has really created two very distinct rooms with a little bit of a foyer in between. It has a wonderful living space and then of course an outdoor dining space. Eric would like to talk a little bit about the furniture because he thinks she has done a really great job of matching the surroundings, making everything look like it fits here, plus it's an extension of the indoors. The first thing TK wanted to do was to make sure that she chose furniture that's going to look good today but also a few years from now. And, that's why she went with the Bahama's line. It is wonderful durable furniture, everything is solution dyed, they have aluminum frames that are hand-woven. It has the durability to last. Even though we're lucky enough to have this nice covered setting the furniture could be right out in the elements if needed. That's important. And, comfort is a big thing, these are huge deep seats, and the cushions don't sink when you sit down. It's a wonderful set of furniture.

The same goes for the dining area. TK likes the soft look of wicker, but remembers that old wicker that cracked and kind of ended up looking mangy after a few seasons. This furniture is built to last, one cannot crack this wicker. The beautiful table has a look of reclaimed wood which is such a hot item right now but the beauty of this is it doesn't continue to deteriorate the way reclaimed pieces might.

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