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Show #47/5408. #7. Landscape Installation

Selecting The Correct Grass Seed

We're in Kentucky thus looking for something a little more cool season as we tend to have more cold months and super-hot months here. What would Danny recommend? Given this particular environment, this particular location you're looking at an area that's full sun, so it's tall fescue. Kentucky bluegrass, is popular in this area. Because this area has full sun, all day sunlight we want tall fescue, but we have a little bit of slope, a little bit of grade so we want to integrate a little perennial rye grass so we get some early set up to prevent any kind of erosion. Eric thinks that's a great tip. The rye grass is going to germinate quickly it's going to root really fast meaning it can help hold the soil in place while the fescue gets established. Then the rye grass in the hot months is going to burn out and the fescue will eventually take over. That's a great tip from a standpoint of establishing a new area, blend those two seeds together. Danny has decided to go with a perennial ryegrass which is a turf type perennial grass as opposed to an annual which is going to grow a little taller, it's a little more unsightly, kind of like a pasture grass but for the homeowner the perennial ryegrass is the way to go, it's got that nice turf type look to it that's going to blend pretty transparently with the tall fescue. So, now we're ready to plant. How do we get the seed out and then what do we need to think about from standpoint of preparation and then how do we keep our seed safe? Most import is seed to soil contact, so choose the best conditions you can provide your seed. In this case we have loose soil already so as we want to follow the spreader settings that one finds on any bag of grass seed. It will specify exactly the level of seeds that need to go out to the soil. Once it's out you want to cover it up, keep it watered daily until it germinates and at that point you should have a nice lush lawn coming in 14 to 35 days.

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