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Show #47/5408. #7. Landscape Installation

Seems Deer Are Always Hungry

We've just installed the landscape at this home. But for many homeowners in this situation the headaches are just beginning. In this installation we're surrounded by woods which is a natural habitat for deer. And deer love these plants, especially the hydrangeas, the boxwoods and hostas, all are basically just a desert buffet for deer.

About 200 years ago there were only about 500,000 deer in the U.S. now there are an estimated 20 million plus. So the pressure is intense. Deer do on average an estimated 1 billion dollars of damage to ornamental plants every single year. What do we do?

When Eric worked at a tree farm they had incredibly high fences with electrified wires at the top, oftentimes there would be a separate fence installed that was about 10 or 12 feet away because deer don't have very good depth perception so typically they wouldn't risk that jump. Of course that's not practical to do around a house because those fences typically aren't that attractive.

We've tried a lot of different sprays, a lot of different powders anything we could put on plants, even human hair, anything to scare the deer off. Deer are opportunists. Many products will work for a little while then you get a rain, they get washed off or the scent goes away, meaning pretty soon the deer are back and eating away at the plants. One product that Eric has found to be effective and has a long life span too has an active ingredient that is basically is blood meal and an ingredient that allows it to remain stuck to the leaves for a long time. Plantskydd.

The homeowners put a tremendous investment into this landscape, they want it to last for years. And keeping deer away is a huge part of maintaining this beauty. With this system it's basically just put some granular product around the plant or spray on the leaves. The active ingredient is basically blood meal, it keeps the deer away. It's well worth the investment. Plantskydd.

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