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Show #49/5410 - Winter Garden Prep

Dividing Perennials

DIVIDING PERENNIALS should be done probably once every two or three years. Jim probably divides his perennials once every three years. If you do that you are going to have better root structure and you are going to be able to let those plants fill out better and continue to grow which means you are going to have stronger vegetation on the top.

Jim demonstrates how they address this pruning. They take a plant and literally cut it back. Jim has some pruners and will demonstrate. You want to remember to always start with a pair of sharp pruners. He starts with one plant, he wants it to be manageable, it isn't going to hurt anything if you take all of this growth on down and cut it. You don't have to be careful, it doesn't matter, you are just trying to get some of the old growth out of your way. In fact, lets go on down. There are a lot of forks in the plant so is going to go below all these forks and makes a cut. He got rid of all those forks. After cutting below the forks he then comes through with a shovel. Dig down around the roots, cut straight down, sever the root system then you are going to take this plant and literally where each of these clumps are you are going to split them, divide them. Now you have a number of new plants, we will easily have one, two, three or four new plants from where that one plant was. Now we will put three back in each place and we have a nice clump so that's the way you would be dividing those.

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