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Show #25/5612. Water In A Garden Can Be Transformative

Small Space Water Gardening

We have discussed water features, even ones that people can install if they had a corner in their backyard. But what if all one had was a brick patio or a very small deck? If you are limited on space but still want to take advantage of this feature there are things as simple as this ridged, black pot, it has no holes in it, of course, so it holds water. Basically we would fill this up about two thirds with water. It has a submergible pump that has some lights on this particular model and a little fountain. One can adjust the fitting on the end and it makes a little cone. You can adjust it and it will make a more gurgling type flow of water. It fits in there, plug it in and you've got a water feature in about fifteen minutes.

Alternatively you can use the same type of pump mechanism but instead use something like a little fountain or spitter, as some people call them. Instead of a hose this plugs into the back and goes to your pump. It could sit on the outside of the water feature and it is going to leave a little trickle or stream of water. It recirculates inside the basin.


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