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New Poinsettias From Suntory

One of the most exciting innovations in the world of poinsettias is Princettia the Suntory interspecific hybrid euphorbia. Two important innovations of this breeding program are the super compact form and the branching. What we have are substantially more bracs, they’re smaller and more colorful and cover the entire top of the plant with an impressive color pop. There are also innovations in color, there are three new pink varieties - pink, hot pink and a deep pink. These are a true pink. Most of the varieties on the market are more of a salmon pink with some yellow undertones which make them less vibrant. The ones Eric is most excited about are the pure white plants. It’s a true innovation in the world of poinsettia breeding. It’s pure white, as white as a sheet of paper. Most of the poinsettias on the market are more of a cream or green color, while this is a true, pure white. And you can imagine how that pops against the deep cherry red of most poinsettias. These will be available at most garden centers around the country Christmas of 2020. They are easy to care for, require the same care as most poinsettias. They’re a tropical plant so keep them away from chilly breezes, don’t over water them and you can enjoy them all the way through Valentines day.

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