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Show #13/5913. Color In The Garden

Creating The “Wow” Factor With Containers

It's very important to take a flat area and create some elevation change it makes everything so much more interesting. What Jim has done is chosen the Kinsmen planter because it has a standing cradle planter and a window box planter. Notice how one planter is on the deck itself and then the window box is up on the rail. So all across the bridge we are getting this up and down movement, which continually keeps the eye flowing back and forth across the bridge. Jim could have used other kinds of containers, and there are many, many containers to choose from, but for this particular bridge he thought it was important to use these containers because they provide the “wow” factor. One is able to look at this area and it's got a lot of pizazz and for an entrance, he wanted to introduce that “wow” factor.

Jim talks a little bit about SELECTING THE RIGHT CONTAINER because he wants to set the garden up for success right off the bat and a lot of mistakes that people make start with the selection of the container. Most people will start off with a smaller container, or a container that they haven't really given adequate thought to the size of that container. Remember small containers need water every day. These planters are forty-four inches. That means they only have to water these once every three days. So the maintenance is much less. Also don't forget the plants will have a deeper root system meaning they are able to go longer without water. So it is very important to think about the container you are going to select and make sure that it’s large enough for maintenance reasons.

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