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Show #29/6103. An Early Look At Holiday Lights

Tip 1. Winter Containers

The holidays are a fun time to explore what we can do in our homes with containers. And there are so many really, really neat plants that we can use. Most of us when thinking about containers think spring through fall because most of our containers are outdoors. But winter, especially Christmas, is a great opportunity to bring the containers inside and do something fun. Most people don't think of indoor WINTER CONTAINERS the same way they do summer containers. But we can apply the same concept - something tall, something medium, something spilling. Just have fun. Go to your garden center, pick out some things you like. It's the same concept as when you shop for summer, you just end up with a slightly different, more festive product.

What are some of the best combinations for the holidays or some favorite plants that work well together? They’re actually quite fond of sticks here. Using cut, red twig dogwood, yellow twig dogwood, curly willow, all of those make phenomenal centerpieces for containers. They’re interesting and actually colorful. They’ll also spray paint the sticks using different colors, thus not stuck with the color stuff comes in. Pick your colors and have fun with it. As far as plants go — orchids are great. Moth orchids do particularly well.
Obviously poinsettias are popular this time of year. They have mostly red here, but poinsettias come in tons of colors. Pink is really fun if looking for something less traditional. But with most indoor plants, put them in a really nice combination in a container and you'll blow your guests away if you're having a party.

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