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Show #35/6109. Designing With Containers

A Suntory Mandevilla In A Container On A Tree Stump

Eric notices a plant on a tree stump and comments it’s such a creative and adaptive use of containers in the garden. Michael has a tree that had to be cut off and he has thoughtfully converted it into a container stand. It’s a mandevilla in full bloom and looks amazing. Michael tells us the backstory. Half of the tree had died, it was connected to another tree that was doing well and he didn’t want to risk hurting the healthy tree. He had the mandevilla on the back deck in a pot and needed a place to put it. Didn’t know exactly where but knew it wasn’t growing as it should in the small plastic pot. He had this Michael Carr container in a blue, volcanic piece. At the time he put them both here one could see the pot but what he wants is for the plants to grow. And grow it did to the point that the container is barely visible now. But he is happy about that. He felt the stump was a perfect place, it’s up high, so the mandevilla can grow down. And the color is one he hadn’t seen before. He believes is a Suntory, Sun Parasol Apricot and it is beautiful. A lot of people ask about this plant because it is unique

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By Natalie Carmolli, Proven Winners® ColorChoice®
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