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Show #10/6310. Azaleas-From Propagation To The Landscape

Azalea Care And Maintenance

Eric would next like to talk about care and maintenance of Azaleas. We know generally they like an acidic soil, but what would Buddy recommend from a fertilizer standpoint, and then what kind of fertilizer regimen? What do they want to be fed? Initially, if you buy Encores Azaleas, in the first year, maybe not fertilize. A lot of times they have a lot of fertilizer in them. Buddy likes to get a fertilizer that's for Azaleas or for other acidic loving plants. Don't fertilize them too heavy. And make sure that when you fertilize them they're not in a dehydrated state. The spring time is a great time to fertilize because usually the soil is moist and the temperatures are not stressful on the plant. But with their fibrous roots, you want to make sure you don't just throw a handful of fertilizer right around the base of the plant. Because their roots are shallow and fibrous that fertilizer will just burn them. It's best to just fertilize around the canopy edge, just lightly fertilize it. Eric agrees the nitrogen in fertilizer can absolutely burn the roots. And a lot of the fibrous feeder roots, the ones that are absorbing most of the nutrition are actually a bit away from the trunk of the plant. Meaning you find them more away from the plant. So lightly sprinkle just around the edge of the canopy. That is a good place to put your fertilizer and that will ensure you don't burn the plant or stress the plant out. Stay away from over fertilizing. Azaleas once they're established, tend to do well.

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