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Show #27/6501. Beautiful Containers In Beautiful Settings

Setting Containers On Soil Can Cause problems

Underneath every one of these containers Michael has actually gone to a little bit more trouble to level it out and put a big concrete pad or stepping stone, something wider than the pot underneath, just to level it out so that the ground doesn't give, it keeps them level. That is a great tip. It's especially important to think about what is under your container if you're going to set it out into the landscape. Eric has firsthand knowledge of another problem with pots just set on the soil. It will oftentimes create a situation where the water can't drain out of the container. When that happens we basically create something that holds water and that will clearly impact your ability to be successful as a gardener. Also in the winter time, it's going to soak that water up into it and it could create problems when water inside the container expands and contracts. And that has the potential to create problems with the container itself. So, the pad underneath pots on the soil is a great idea.

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