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Show #30/6504. Inside The Mind Of A Creative Landscape Designer

Turning An Ordinary Porch Into A Showpiece

Todd, the evolution of materials in landscape design and gardening is incredible. Every year seems like there is some new innovation that expands the possibilities of what we can do and also what our gardens are going to look like. This is the first time Eric has seen this product. It is called a TURN DOWN TILE. It is a HartStone product and is an amazing solution to a very common problem. Todd agrees, it is and has been used in this application over the top of an exposed aggregate porch that the builder installed. This type of porch is kind of the norm, that's what people in this area generally use, that or concrete. The turn down tile lets them use HartStone over top of those typical materials. With an installation like this you have the problem of the edge. What are you going to do with the edge? If you veneer it you are going to have problems with the mortar joints. You've got to pin it. So what Todd has done is come up with a product where it turns down and this turn down piece can be any size that the installer needs it to be. Brinley Masonry decided this one would be ten and three eighths inches to cover what was there. That is extremely large. A lot of times Todd uses the turn down tiles on upper wooden decks. When people want their upper wooden decks covered with hard stone, their next question is - what are we going to do with the edge? So Todd came up with this system. It can be used when you want to go over the top of an old swimming pool deck, it can be made a multitude of different ways. The distance of it, how wide it can be, the depth of it, the thickness of it, all that can be a variable that HartStone can provide. They make it specifically to what the application requires.

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