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Show #31/6505. Choosing The Right Plants And Trees

The Difference Between Field Grown And Container Grown Trees

Eric would like to talk a little about the difference between container grown trees and field grown trees. As consumers we don't really see that, that's the part that's buried. Growing in a container is potentially a huge problem especially with trees. As the roots grow out and hit the sidewall of the container they circle, so soil integration is going to be very difficult. Here when they harvest the trees, and they have some really cool mechanical harvesters that throw their spades in the ground and dig them up, are you are getting an additional root pruning before it goes out in the field. Exactly. These trees are root pruned when they come in, at the time of planting, and essentially pruned again when they go out the door so it's a whole process that takes years and years to develop. But it results in a very good tree. Eric asks Joseph if he sees a difference in the field between container-grown trees and field-grown trees? Absolutely. When you have a container grown tree and those roots hit and start to run around the pot you know that is obviously a big issue for planting the tree and the long-term health of the tree versus grown out here in the field. Those roots have a chance to break out and learn and actually teach themselves how to pull water up out of the ground. Thus you have a tree going into the landscape that doesn't require the water that a container-grown tree does. Where you have trees that are getting water everyday, getting nutrients everyday they get used to that pampering, almost that spa treatment, but out here you have a stronger, tougher tree that is coming out and therefore it is much easier to take care of when you get it into the landscape. Eric comments - as is true of most things in life you get what you pay for - and in-ground trees are an investment in your garden, an investment in your home and definitely worth the extra money. No question.

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