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Show #31/6505. Choosing The Right Plants And Trees

Fall Is A Great Time To Plant Boxwoods

It's always best to use a trusted grower for your plant material. James Szdeck from Monrovia joins Eric to talk us through the selections made for this plan and to tell us what makes those selections so special. Eric thanks James for joining us. Thanks for having me. Okay, so our plants have arrived. When we start looking at what plants we have and how they fit into the plan that is an exciting part of the project for Eric. And these plants look great. And James adds, it is a great time to be planting, it's fall, the cool air temperature but warm soil temperature lets the plants get established and root out during the fall and into the winter, then wake up ready to go in the spring time. There are a lot of evergreens which are a wonderful. They provide year round interest, which remedies the situation where in the winter, when many things have died down, one typically doesn't have a whole lot to look at. So very smart selections here.

They start with talking about the Japanese boxwood. It is winter gem Japanese boxwood. It is a wonderful boxwood, very easy to grow, very hardy. If left unpruned it will get four to six feet tall but if you prune it you can keep it down to eighteen inches. This is a wonderful selection, very consistent, really nice, uniform plants, almost cookie cutter.

Here is a pro tip - if you are doing a boxwood hedge, plant a handful of those boxwoods from your batch out in the landscape somewhere else, outside of the hedge that way if you do lose a plant or two you can have a replacement plant that is the same age, the same quality, the same cultivar and one can just slide it in instead of having to chase a replacement down in a nursery. Wow, that is a great idea.

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