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Show #32/6506. Irrigation, Containers And Shade

Irrigation For Bare Ground Vs. An Existing Landscape

We're talking about the irrigation for this property and on one side of this home we had basically two different environments - the first is basically a bare ground, new installation, so with it we don't have to work around plants; the second is an existing landscape that was planted earlier. It has established sod, it has trees and shrubs that he will have to work around. What are the differences in Johnnie's approach with these two different areas?

With the EXISTING LANDSCAPE with turf they go in with a vibratory plough and use the vibratory plough to install piping. There is some minimal digging that will then need to be restored. So, it is a little more work but basically that's how you want to approach an existing landscape to minimize disrupting the plants in the area.

With new landscape or bare ground, you're going to use a basic trencher to install the irrigation. You're trench it out and install as normal. That is what one uses, probably, 80% of the time.

Eric notes that this property has all these DIFFERENT ZONES AND ENVIRONMENTS - things like trees, different areas of shrubs, turf and annuals, which of course, require a lot more water. There are many different nozzles. What options are available to us? On the existing landscape we might use drip tubing - the drip tubing is going to service a large concentrated area and allow that water to go in and soak in the landscape. There are emitters that will be installed in the tree grove, those emitters are going to be a solo single type emitter for each tree.

Go from that to your landscape beds where you can use concentrated nozzles, there they will go with rotary nozzles that will water a larger section. The rotary nozzles can also be used for turf.

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