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Show #34/6508. Garden Design And Containers

A Study In Contrast

As we move over to quadrant two this basically is a study in contrast, which is a very important thing for people to understand about good design. Oftentimes, we want colors that are comparative and then others that are contrasting. Those provide a great sense of how powerful these plants are. Look at Abelia, Miss Lemon and then juxtapose it against this amazing loropetalum, Purple Daydream. These two plants couldn't be more different from a standpoint of foliage colors, but it makes both of them really pop. Then add to that, the ilex Touch of Gold. If you look at the loropetalum next to the ilex, the ilex makes the loropetalum pop quite a bit more, it makes it show up. And then at the same time, the abelia, Miss Lemon also makes the loropetalum show up. Loropetalum is a fairly commonly used plant, at least throughout the southeast. Pamela sees it so often just put up against dark green and she wonders, why can't you put something light in front of that, because that would really make it pop.

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