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Show #45/6606. Back Yard Makeover

Important Considerations When Addressing Tree Removal And Trimming

Eric has been been involved in a lot of projects and one thing he knows for a fact is, it's important to hire the right tree removal service. This is a big project, some trees need to come down, some need limb ups. What are the things that consumers need to look for when they're shopping for the right tree service? Brian believes one definitely wants to find a certified arborist. In terms of insurance, you want to make sure they have the proper insurance. Those are some of the things that one should look for right off the bat. As one dives deeper into the company that you're looking to hire, you want to do your homework and make sure that they use proper techniques, not only to protect the property, but the workers on site.

Let's talk about the specifics of the job. A number of things have been mentioned that had to get done here. First walk us through the things they were thinking about the trees that need to get limbed up. What should one consider to make sure we're taking care of the tree and that that job goes just right. Agriculturally they try to cut within 20% to 25% or less when trimming. With the Leylands they were just elevating the canopy to about six feet to get some light for the future plants underneath. That really wasn't an issue with the Lelands but if working on a big mature oak or something like that they would definitely want to be sure they're trimming the proper amount and within the ratio so they don't shock the tree. Otherwise in the future too much trimming could very likely cause it harm.

One of the finishing touches in tree removal that Eric thinks is so important is don't try to save money by leaving that stump there. It's very important that you get in there and grind the stump. If that is not done it's just hard for the next generation of plants to really get established, if you've got that big, heavy stump in place. Brian’s team did stump grinding on this project because there was going to be turf there. Of course, you can't have the stump existing so they ground it and went below grade about six inches to a foot below so they could come in and top dress the soil and prep it for the new turf and plants. Especially if dealing with pines those stumps will take two to three years to naturally rot. And when you think about all the tannin that is in a pine stump it's going to be very, very difficult for the next plants to establish. So some grinding provides a huge leg up and especially going in with turf, you've just got to take it out. Don't skip that step.

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