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Show #23/7210. A Garden That - Enhances Nature's Beauty

Round A Corner-A New Vista

Eric loves the way that the paths wind throughout and around each corner. There are these little aha moments or these moments of surprise where it opens into some new vista or there's some really interesting piece of beautiful art. It’s just an amazing way of experiencing the woodland garden. Mauree there are a number of beautiful railings throughout the garden, many of them award winning. Talk to us about those. They have so many different transition areas, rock paths and rocks you can skip over water features on, that it just felt like they needed some railings, but not just any railing. Because they don't want to take anything too seriously in this property. And they like to have a little whimsy, a little fun. So they found a company called Heirloom Ironworks. Additionally they wanted the railings to be bronze so had James Moseley come over from Heirloom and he designed some beautiful, beautiful railings. And they have a sundial patio and James also designed that sundial. Some of the railings have won international awards for design. Eric thinks they're a beautiful personal touch. One can have just a railing, or you can use each one of those elements as an opportunity to add something that's beautiful and personal to your garden. Mauree and Hank have done a wonderful job of doing that.

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