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Show #42/7403. The Importance Of Trees

Noble Plants And Trees Of Distinction

They next look at another Beech tree. This one is a 200 year old specimen. It is Fagus grandifolia 'American ' Beech and is truly a wonderful specimen, one of the largest Eric has ever seen. It reminds him of a wonderful story he heard years ago about a beautiful European cathedral that, as the workers were finishing it up, they planted a couple allaes of Oak trees along the side of the cathedral knowing that in 100 to 150 years the beams of that cathedral were going to need to be replaced. It was important to the workers that they have the right kind of wood and that it was the correct size. That is the kind of vision and future-mindedness that one sees at Cave Hill Cemetery. From generation to generation of caretaker they all have planned and carefully thought out what plants to put in place, how to space them and how to build this paradise. The philosophy here is Cave Hill is forever, for the future. Someone once said it's a wise man who plants a tree under whose shade he will never sit. That's the philosophy they follow at Cave Hill Cemetery. And, that thinking is in sharp contrast to a lot of what we see in modern landscaping and landscape design. People are using what some might consider disposable trees. An example would be, a Pyrus calleryana 'Bradford' Pear that will crack up within 15 years. As well, the trend is to take a bunch of plants and cram them in together where one would only need 1 or 2 plants. Thus, instead of picking out a couple of plants of distinction or a couple of nice plants and letting them achieve the kind of size that those plants can achieve, where one really gets to experience the plant, today we seem to be looking for something that is much more short term. Eric encourages gardeners to look at noble plants and trees of distinction, plants that will last for generations. Avoid instant gratification in landscaping and plant for the future. Don't plant too many plants in one area.

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