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Gold Splash Wintercreeper

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Suntory Texas Summer Double

Gold Splash Wintercreeper Euonymus fortunei is the improved Euonymus gardeners are waiting for. It has far more impact in the landscape than other, older varieties. You won�t often need to clip out solid green stems to keep the variegated highlights on the shrub. The variegation is very stable, and the plant has superior disease resistance, making it low maintenance.

The big, round evergreen leaves of Gold Splash hold soft green and yellow variegation. The cheerful variegated foliage maintains its color all year long. Showy, persistent fruit accents its foliage in the fall. Use it for easy four-season color in the landscape. You�ll get color when other plants are dormant.

Gold Splash Wintercreeper has excellent hardiness and is a reliable, adaptable choice for your landscape. It is drought tolerant and makes a showy landscape plant, even in winter. It is tolerant of most soils except extremely wet conditions. It withstands heavy pruning, so you can grow it in a pot and keep it in bounds. It is pH adaptable, so will thrive in most areas in its USDA Zones 5-8 range, in part shade or full sun.

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