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Hydrangea Cityline

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Suntory Texas Summer Double

For the timid or busy gardener, the Cityline series of hydrangeas could be the solution to the question: When do I prune my hydrangeas? They are compact and don't need pruning. Cityline Berlin, Paris, Venus, and Vienna are dwarf shrubs, suitable for containers or the front of the shrub border. Their stiff stems hold up large flower heads in differing shades of light to dark pink or light to dark blue.

The pH of the soil determines the color of these hydrangea blossoms. Much of the soil in the Southeast U.S. is acid, resulting in blue flowers. Much of the rest of the country has alkaline soil where pink will be the normal blossom color. If you want to change the typical flower color for your area, you will have to change the pH of the soil where you plan to plant your hydrangeas.

You can add lime to raise the soil pH and produce pink flowers, add elemental sulfur or iron sulfate to lower the pH of your soil for blue blooms. Get your soil tested first and always follow the instructions on the labels.

This series of hydrangeas is hardy in USDA Zones 5-9. They also love the seaside and flourish with a good watering schedule.

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