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Plant of the week

Petit Bleu Bluebeard

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This Week's Plant:
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When nothing will do but green foliage with blue flowers, this is the bluebeard for you. Lush is the word to describe its look. The foliage is not just green, but saturated deep, shiny green. The flowers are deep, darker than other caryopteris, almost purple. The summer butterflies will float to these nectar rich blossoms.

This is the smallest, most compact of the bluebeards offered by Proven Winners. Cut it back to new growth in the spring if it has died back during the winter. In the colder areas of its range, it can die all the way back to its roots. Trim it after the new sprouts appear. Even if it remains active in your zone, a little tip pruning will promote more flowers since it blooms on new growth.

Petit Bleu, like all bluebeards, needs a spot with good drainage. If you keep it well watered its first year, it will reward you by settling in and not needing much water throughout its lifetime. Like all bluebeards, too, deer are not likely to graze on it. ItŐs hardy in USDA Zones 5-11.

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