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We have designed our new ARTICLES page as a place to give our past GardenSMART gardening stars, those still to be featured, and other excellent writers a place to enter their thoughts about the gardens they dote on or administer. Here they will speak about gardening topics they feel will benefit our viewers. Pros who earn their living gardening as well as amateur gardeners who garden for the love of it offer their insights. Their gardening hints and tips will be most helpful in boosting you to gardening success.

ARTICLES is unique. You will learn about the gardens we have visited, get landscape design ideas, general horticulture tips, even discover a new garden you would like to visit. Catch great gardening ideas from scores of beautiful, interesting gardens and gardeners.

In the ARTICLES section, you will also meet Therese Ciesinski, our resident horticulture editor, fellow garden-lover, and award-winning writer. She will be adding some broader hints to the regional articles as well as contributing her own articles of interest to gardeners.

Anne has a wealth of knowledge gleaned from hands-on experience and a life-long love of plants. She lives, writes, and gardens in South Carolina.
Articles List:
10 Cool Life Hacks For Cat Lovers
10 Facts About Snow That Might Surprise You
10 Favorite Shrubs for Mid-Century Landscapes
10 Reasons You Should Be Growing Grapes in Your Backyard
10 Tips for Growing with Perennials
2010 Award Winners
2015 Great Backyard Bird Count
2015 is the Year of the Coleus
2016 - Year of the Delphinium
2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Expected to be Most Active Since 2012
2016 Perennial Plant of the Year
3 Steps to Turn Brown Evergreens Around
3 Ways to Create an Outdoor Living Area as Unique as You Are
4 Cruises Perfect for Garden Enthusiasts
4 Favorite Off-the-Beaten-Track Gardens to Visit
4 New Gotta Have It Problem Solving Plants for 2017
4 Romantic (and Water-wise) Gardens to Inspire
4 Steps to Help Trees Survive Winter
4 Ways to Prepare For a Long Outage After the Storm
5 (Fun) Ways with Ferns
5 Best Evergreen Shrubs for Privacy
5 Deer-Resistant Flowering Trees
5 Easy Steps For Planting And Caring For Your Fall Bulbs
5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Trees in Your Home
5 Fabulous Houseplants That Grow Anywhere
5 Fabulous Summer Survivors
5 Facts Homeowners Don't Know About Deer Ticks
5 Fantastic House Plants for First Timers
5 Fun Houseplants for Fab Fall Decor
5 Houseplants
5 Must-Have Ornamental Grasses for Fall Gardens
5 Native Perennial Vines to Grow for Privacy
5 New Year Resolutions for Gardeners
5 Perfect Plants for a North-Facing Wall
5 Simple Projects to Recreate Your Backyard
5 Top Rated Shrubs for Easy Maintenance Landscapes
5 Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe During Winter
6 Common Pet Emergencies
6 Reasons Mandevilla Will Make Your Yard Better This Summer
6 Sensational Plants For Late Summer Color
6 Shrubs for Winter Color
6 Spectacular Summer Hanging Baskets
6 Stellar Plants for Terrariums
6 Steps to Spring Tree Care
6 Ways To Jump Start Your Roses For Spring
6 Ways to Prep Your Lawn for Spring
7 Tips for Creating Your Very Own She Shed
7 Tips to Help You Save Water in Your Yard and Garden
7 of the Easiest Houseplants to Grow
8 Common Myths About Raising Backyard Poultry
8 Lesser-Known Shade-Loving Perennials
9-11 Red White Blue
AAS 2014 Winners
AAS Great Peppers for 2017
A Botanical Legacy
A Few Words About Harvests
A Garden Cruise to Holland and Belgium
A Garden Lovers River Cruise to Holland and Belgium with GardenSMART Host Eric Johnson
A Garden at the Top of the World
A Little Bit Of Williamsburg
A Little Honey of A Hydrangea
A Luscious Banana Dessert
A New Queen Reigns
A Pest Alert for Lungworm Disease
A Seasonal Guide to Landscape Care
A Seasonal Guide to Spring Lawn and Garden Care
A Shrub For Shade
A Spectacular Winter Show
A Splash Of Lime
A Strong El Nino Is Here
A Sunday Afternoon in the Garden
A Time for Gardeners to Give Thanks
A Tree Is Not Yard Art
A Weird Spring Cleaning Chore
A Winter Reading List
A World of New Tomato Options
Acacia Defense Living Desert
Adding Whimsy to Your Landcape Project
Adjusting Rosebed pH
Advice For Christmas Cactus Care
Air Drying Home Grown Herbs
All-America Selections Flowers for 2017
All-America Selections Tomato Winners
All-America Selections for 2018
All Things Bee
Allergy Fighting Gardens
Amaryllis How To Grow
American Bittersweet
American Flower Garden
American Garden Award
American Goldfinch is the Bird of the Month
American Smoke Tree
Angel Wing Begonia
Annabelle Hydrangea
Another Article About Mark Simmons
Aphid In My Eye
Aphids - To Be or Not to Be
Around the World and Back Home Again This Spring
Arugula Survives Frigid Weather
Ask an Expert - Three Ways to Prevent Wasted Food
At Home Pet Care vs. Boarding. Which Is Better
Attracting Butterflies - No Matter Where You Live
August In The Rose Beds - Heartache and Joy
Avoid Damaging Seasonal Equipment - Tips for Proper Fuel Use
Azalea Garden Tour
Baby Birds
Bad-Tasting Beauties- Deer- and Rodent-Resistant Flower Bulbs
Bad News For Fall Lovers - Peak Summer Temperatures Coming Later in Some Parts of the U.S.
Bald Cypress
Bargain Vases
Bartlett Tree Biochar
Basil, the Herb of Summer
Basil Keeps Giving
Beautiful Boquet
Beautiful Cause Roses for 2017
Become A Plant Hunter
Bee Involved
Begonia Gryphon
BellaFina Peppers
Best Astilbe Varieties
Best Lawn on the Block
Best Shrubs for Windy Gardens
Best Ways to Use Camellias
Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
Beyond Blooms
Big Trees
Bird Food For Thought - Sunflower Seeds
Bird of the Month - The Pileated Woodpecker
Birds Implement Multiple Techniques to Survive Winter
Birds In Art
Birds Of Winter
Birdsong And Butterfly Wings
Bizzare Worm Bin Problem
Black-Eyed Pea Salsa
Black-eyed Susan
Blood Lily
Bloomtastic and Patio Tropics
Book Excerpt - Peony
Book Excerpt - The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Book Review - All New Square Foot Gardening
Book Review - Allergy Fighting Gardens
Book Review - American Gardens
Book Review - Backyard Carolina
Book Review - Best Of Green Space
Book Review - Coffee For Roses
Book Review - Cool Flowers
Book Review - Flowers And Herbs Of Early America
Book Review - Garden-Pedia
Book Review - Gardening For Geeks
Book Review - Gardening With Chickens
Book Review - Grow A Living Wall
Book Review - Heirloom Flavor
Book Review - Planthropology
Book Review - Southern Living
Book Review - The Gardens Frank Lloyd Wright
Book Review - The Well Tended Perennial Garden
Book Review - Wicked Plants
Book Review - Windowsill Art
Booty Scooting With Dewit Tools
Botanical Garden Views
Box Turtles
Boxwoods Make Gardens Better
Brainy Gifts For Birds
Branch Out With Tropicals
Breaking Free From Brambles and Poison Ivy
Breathless In The Garden
Breathtaking Bluebells
Bridge Flowers Fill the Gap Between Spring Splash and Summer Sensation
Brighten Your Early Fall Shade Garden
Bring Back Sunshine
Bring The Tropics Indoors
Bring The Tropics Indoors Part 2
Bringing Your Houseplants Indoors For Winter
Broccoli Pasta
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug - A Pest on the Move
Brown Tips on Leaves- Salt Damage in Houseplants
Bufonophobia Eek A Toad
Build a Rolling Raised Bed Part 1
Build a Rolling Raised Garden Bed Part 2
Building A Courtyard Garden
Bulb Planting Tips
Butterflies Close Up
Buying Healthy Annuals
Buying the Right Lawn Mower
Bye Bye Bambi
Call 811 Before Digging
Camelia Culture Part 2
Camellia Culture
Camellia History
Can I Grow Shrubs In Containers
Cannas Leaf Rollers
Cantaloupe Soup
Cape Fear
Care and Planting of Bare Root Plants
Caring for Tree-form Shrubs
Catch-all Cabbage Soup Will Warm A Cold Day
Celebrate America's Greatest Treasures
Celebrate National Lawn Care Month with Tips from the Pros
Celebrate The National Park Service's 100th Anniversary With Tips From A National Parks Expert
Central Park At Sea
Central Park At Sea 2
Chainsaw Basics for Beginners
Cheap Seed Starting - How To Germinate Seeds At Home
Chef's Soup Inspires Summer Squash Cooking
Chicago Flower And Garden Show
Chickens In Gardens
Choosing The Right Leaf Blower
Choosing Your Perfect Outdoor Furniture
Christmas Cactus Forcing Blooms
Christmas From The Garden
Christmas Gift Ideas From the Rose Man
Christmas Memories
Christmas Tree Alternatives - Learn About Non-Traditional Christmas Trees
Christmas Trees After Christmas
Citrus Anyone
Clean Out The Refrigerator To Make Grilled Vegetable Dips And Sandwiches
Cold Hardy Camellias
Cold Weather, Warm Hearth - Get Ready for Fireplace Season!
Cold Weather Cover Crops
Cold and Plants
Coles Wild Birds
Colonial Williamsburg
Color Combinations
Color Your Garden Chartreuse
Color Your Garden With Greenery
Colorful Plants
Combatting Spring Lawn Pests
Come With Us To The Must-See Gardens Of The World
Community Gardens Are Giving Gardens
Companion Planting for Beginners
Company's Coming and You Need Big Dishes for Feasting
Compost and Odors
Composting In Winter
Compounded Pet Medication
Coneflowers Choosing and Growing
Confederate Rose
Connecting Kids with the Outdoors Comes Naturally to Bass Pro Shops
Container Plant Watering- How Much And How Often To Water Potted Plants
Container Rehab
Containers-How To Build and Grow
Converstion with Camellias
Cool Weather Annuals
Cottage Garden Flowers
Cottage Gardens
Crackling Fire Begonias
Cranberry Gifts from the Kitchen
Create Your Own Mailbox Garden
Creating And Maintaining Healthy Soil
Creating Rose Beds
Creative Companions For Shade
Creative Companions For Shade - Part 2
Creeping Jenny
Critter Ridder
Cucumbers and Tomatoes in Dip
Cuddling Up With Your Chickadee
Cushaws Are Sweeter Than Pumpkins
DIY Project - 30-Minute Water Garden
Daffodils - How To Plant and Grow
Daffodils for Warm Climates
Damping Off
David Austin Rose
Dawn Redwood
De-winterizing Winter Lawn Equipment
DeWit For Christmas
DeWit Tools For Christmas
Deadheading Roses
Deadly Kissing Bugs Have Always Been in the U.S.
Dealing With Wasps
Dealing With a Bumper Crop of Tomatoes
Dealing with a Rainy Season
December To Do List In The Garden
Declare Your Financial Independence Day
Deer Problems
Deer Resistant Shrubs for Gardens and Landscapes
Deer Wars Are Coming Soon to a Suburb Near You
Delectable Edible Nasturtiums
Dental Care Guide for Dogs
Designing Gorgeous Container Gardens
Designing With Bicolors
Designing a Garden for Year-round Pleasure
Desperate Deer Turn Winter Into The Most Dangerous Season For Pricey Landscape Plants
Digestive Problems and Concerns in Pets
Ditch The Garden To Do List
Divide and Conquer Foxgloves
Do Some Plants Repel Pests
Don't Be Bugged During the Holidays
Double Your Plants
Dr Greens Garden
Dramm Tools Fall-Winter Propogation
Dreaming of Spring- Plan Your Outdoor Updates Now!
Drift Roses
Droopy Containers
Drought Resistant Flowers
Dry Shade Garden
Drying Flowers
During Holidays, Be Extra Vigilant About Protecting Financial Data
Dutch Tulip Hunters
Dwarf Conifers Add Big Impact to the Garden
Dwarf Gardenia
Ear Infections in Dogs and Cats
Early Blues Go Into a Red, White and Blue Dessert
Earth Day
Earthworm Castings, All the Goodness Without the Goo
Earwigs A Common Fall Invader
Easter Lilies
Easy-Care Houseplants with Holiday Flair
Easy Container Shade Color
Easy Flowers From Seed
Easy Steps to Grow Your Own Tomatoes
Easy Tips For Saving Your Favorite Plants
Eco Friendly, Water Wise Plant Ideas For Every Region
Edgy Gardens
Edible Honeysuckle
Effortless Ways to Outsmart Your Cooling Bill
Elephant Ears
Eleven Easy Tips For Saving Water
Eliminate Squash Bugs From Your Garden
Enjoy A Safe Summer
Enjoy Perennials in Your Container Gardens This Year
Enjoy Success With Indoor Ferns
Exacting Revenge on Greedy Budworms
Expert Tips for Hiring a Landscaping Pro
Extend Your Outdoor Season With a Fire Pit
Extending the Blooming Season
Fabulous Strawberry Dessert Is Super Easy To Make
Fall Chrysanthemums Require Care, Revive Outdoor Spaces in Autumn
Fall Color
Fall Foliage Season Is Coming
Fall Herb Care
Fall Home Pest Inspection
Fall Is a Great Time to Plant
Fall Lawn Care Reminders for a Lush, Green Lawn Come Spring
Fall Lawn Care Schedule
Fall Leaves Are Great For The Garden
Fall On A Flower Farm
Fall On The Grand River
Fall Planting Supports Life
Fall Pond Duties
Fall Strategies To Control Spring Pests
Fall Vegetable Gardening
Fall Weed Control for Lawns
Fall and Winter Watering
Fall and Winter Watering
Fall is for Planting
Farm To Fork
Favorite Dip Is Enhanced With Seasonal Greens
February In The Rose Garden
Feeding Butterflies
Feeding Late Hummingbirds in November
Fertilizer and Weed Fighting Tips for Fall
Fig Trees
Financial Moves for Empty Nesters
Finding Butterfly Eggs
Finding Wow
Finding Your Trip of a Lifetime
Fire Ants in the Garden
Fire Harvest
Fireflies Are Blinking an S.O.S.
First Time Yard-Owner Guide
Five Easy Perennials for Months of Color
Five Garden Resolutions for 2016
Five Inspiring Sources of Gardening Ideas
Five New Deer-Resistant Perennials for Sunny Landscapes
Five No-Fuss Perennials for Busy Gardeners
Five Things to Know About Ice Storms
Five Tips For Container Gardening
Five Tips for Dealing with Deer
Five Tips to Care for Resting Orchids
Five Trees with Magnificent Fall Color
Five Ultra-Cold Hardy New Perennials for 2018
Five Unexpected Alternatives for Shade Gardens
Five Ways To Protect Your Garden From Deer
Five Ways to Outsmart the Squirrels This Bulb Season
Flame Proof Scaevola
Florida Sunshine In A Shrub
Flower Bulb
Flower Shows Bring Their Own Spring
Flowering Apricot Trees
Flowering Cherries
Flowerpot Lettuces Keep Giving
Flying Dragon Tree
Flying Squirrels
Focus on Fountains
Forcing Bulbs For Your Indoor Garden
Forcing Paperwhite Bulbs
Form Over Flowers
Four Fab Houseplants with Amazing Texture
Four Fresh Looks for Your Shade Garden
Foxy Fasciation
Free Garden Reading
Freeze Damage To Plants
Frequently Asked Questions About Zika Virus
From the Garden to the Home- Beware of Fall Invaders
Fruit And Vegetable
GardenSMART Q and A
Garden Blues
Garden Gloves
Garden Journaling
Garden Paths
Garden Safety- Protecting Yourself From Summer Pests
Garden Walk
Garden Whimsey
Garden With A Heart
Gardening Increases Immunity and Relieves Stress
Gardening Keys to Success
Gardening Trends For 2017
Gardening Without a Garden
Gardening for Exercise and Enjoyment
Gardening for Hummingbirds
Gardening is Fun!
Gateway To Gardening
Get Ready Grow
Get Ready To Grow
Get Ready To Light Up Christmas
Get Your Therapy in the Garden
Getting Our Roses Ready For Winter
Gifting Ideas
Gifts For Gardener Cooks
Gifts Inexpensive and Just Plain Cheap
Gifts for Gardeners
Gingko biloba
Give Up On Grass
Give Your Houseplants a Summer Vacation
Glacier National Park
Glorious Shade
Goldenrod Helps Monarch Butterflies
Good Garden Safety - Protect Yourself From Pain
Got Pumpkin Pie
Grafted Tomatoes
Grants For Schoolyards
Gray Dogwoods
Great Backyard Bird Count
Great Gardens to Visit
GreenPrints is Twenty
Green Vegetables Are on the Menu for St. Patrick's Day
Greenhouse Growing Part 1
Greenhouse Growing Part 2
Groundcover Sedums Make Gardening Easy
Groundcovers For Shade
Grow A Garden With Bass Pro Shops
Grow Easy-Care Air Plants
Grow Hinoki Cypress
Grow Kale Plants in Your Garden
Grow Majesty Palms Like a Pro
Grow Potted Gardenias for Beauty and Fragrance
Grow These Plants to Look Like a Professional Landscape Designer
Grow Your Best Garden in 2018
Grow Your Garden Green
Grow and Harvest Summer Melons
Growing Advice
Growing Bananas
Growing Better Tomatoes
Growing Caladiums
Growing Collards
Growing Container Citrus - Fragrance, Fruit and Fun
Growing Food From Kitchen Scraps
Growing Great Gardeners Symposium
Growing Greens For Holidays
Growing Herbs For Pork
Growing Leaf Lettuce In The Fall
Growing Orchids
Growing Roses
Growing Seeds Successfully
Growing Sweet Corn
Growing Tomatoes Upside Down
Growing Vertical Vegetables
Growing Your Own Bell Peppers
Growing Zucchini and Squash
Grubs - The Silent Destroyer Lurking in the Garden
Guide To Growing Winter Vegetables
Gypsy moths wreak havoc
Halloween Garden Decor
Happy Root Bound Houseplants
Hardiness Zone and Rooting Begonias
Have Patience
Heat Proofing Your Vegetable Garden
Heaven Is A Garden
Heaven Scent - Plant Lilacs For The Fragrance
Hellebores Are Far From Boring
Help Prepare Birds for Winter
Herbs - Book Review
Here's When Winter Weather Conditions Typically Arrive Where You Live
Here is Why There is More Than One Type of Tornado
Heuchura Obsidian
Hibiscus Wears Many Hats
High on Hydrangea
Himalayan Indigo
History In The Garden
Holiday Plant Care
Holly Berries
Home Pest Prevention Basics
Homegrown Red Cabbage Makes Delicious Sauerkraut
Homemade Holiday
Hot Flowers
Hot Gardening
Hot Survivors
House Plants Cactus
Houseplant Care - Azaleas
Houseplant Tips
Houseplants - Costa Farms
Houseplants Are The Perfect Way To Add Seasonal Flair To Your Table
How Dogs and Cats Get Worms
How Is Mom Always Right
How To Grow And Prepare Blueberries
How To Grow Apples
How To Grow Asparagus
How To Grow Basil
How To Grow Beets
How To Grow Blueberries 2
How To Grow Butterbeans or Lima Beans
How To Grow Carrots
How To Grow Cauliflower
How To Grow Cilantro
How To Grow Dill
How To Grow Fennel
How To Grow Jerusalem Artichokes
How To Grow Okra
How To Grow Onions
How To Grow Peach Seed
How To Grow Peaches
How To Grow Pears
How To Grow Peppers
How To Grow Plums
How To Grow Rutabaga
How To Grow Snow Peas
How To Grow Spinach
How To Grow Strawberries
How To Harden Off Your Seedlings
How To Make A Trough
How To Overwinter Tender Plants
How To Plant A Grafted Rosebush
How To Plant A Tree
How To Plant Bare Root Roses
How To Prevent Common Tree Pests This Spring
How To Protect Your Pet From Mosquito-Borne Illnesses
How To Root Begonias
How To Winterize Your Garden
How You Can Improve Your Financial Fitness This Year
How to Aerate a Compost Pile
How to Brush Your Dog's or Cat's Teeth
How to Care for Your Farm-Grown Christmas Tree
How to Care for a Senior Cat
How to Care for a Senior Dog
How to Clean Your Pet's Ears
How to Connect a Garden With its Surroundings
How to Design a Beautiful Yard That's Mower Friendly
How to Get the Lawn of Your Dreams
How to Grow Blueberries
How to Grow Dinner Plate Hibiscus
How to Grow Lantana
How to Grow Pineapple
How to Grow Rosemary Indoors
How to Grow Your Own Garlic
How to Keep Pets Safe in the Cold Weather
How to Kill an Air Plant
How to Leave the Legacy You Desire
How to Make Ice Lanterns
How to Pet-Proof Your Yard and Garden for the Holidays
How to Prepare Your Yard Care Tools for Spring
How to Prune Your Hydrangeas
How to Stay Safe in the Most Extreme Heat Conditions
How to Tell When Compost is Ready
Hummingbird Food Formula
Hummingbird Heaven
Hummingbird Moths
Hummingbird Special Needs
Hurray For Garden Center Clearance Sales
Hurricanes 101 - What To Know To Weather The Storm
Hurricanes Harm Birds Too
Hydrangeas - Waterfall and Lace
Hydrangeas Pink And Blue
INDOOR PLANT What is Bugging My Lemon
I Love Aloes
Icy Plant For Summer Heat
Identifying Wood Damaging Pests
In Flash Flooding, Your Vehicle Can Be Biggest Danger
In The Pink
Invite Pollinators for Dinner
Irrigation Technology Advances to Save You Time, Water and Money
Is Green the Happiest Color
Is It Too Late To Plant Bulbs - When To Plant Bulbs
Is That a Bee or a Yellow Jacket
Is Your Home's Electricity Safe
Iseli Evergreens
It's Electric! Your Fireplace, That Is
Japanese Beetle Facts
Japanese Beetles
Japanese Garden
Join in the Big Bug Hunt to Beat Garden Pests
Jones Garden Train
July In The Rose Beds
Jump-Start Your Gardens for a Great Summer Show
June In The Rose Beds
Keep Containers Alive
Keep Containers Looking Good in Any Zone or Season
Keep Pets Safe With These TurfMutt Tips
Keep Your Favorite Plants Going
Keep Your Garden Free From Fungal Disease
Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy During the Holidays
Kid Friendly Garden
Killer Trees
Kissing Ball
Know What To Do When A Tornado Looms
Lady Bugs - Friend or Foe
Landscape A Connoisseurs Garden
Landscape Design Time
Landscape Design to Maximize Your Sun and Shade Areas
Landscape For Living And Lingering
Landscape Plants For Hot Spots
Landscaping for Natural Nest Spots
Late Bloomers
Late Winter Gardening Tips
Leaf Blower Safety
Leaf Blowers and Noise
Learn About Invasive Herbs
Lenten Rose Helleborus
Lenten Rose Pink Frost
Let's Make Weeds Fashionable Again
Let Your Love Grow - 5 Great Plants to Give as Gifts
Let it Snow!
Lettuce Sandy - 2015 AAS Vegetable Award Winner
Life In A Garden
Light Snow Can Be More Dangerous for Drivers Than Major Snowstorms
Lilies for Easter Beauty
Lily Design Tips
Lily Triumphator
Lily of the Valley Is Made For the Shade
Little Known Dog Walker Secrets Revealed
Lively Sauce Tastes Like More
Living Screens to Plant Now for Privacy This Winter
Longfield Gardens Sparks Fireworks in the Garden in 2015
Lorapetalum Chinese Fringe Flower
Low Maintenance Landscaping
Made In the Shade
Magnolia Plantation
Mail Order Nurseries
Mail Order Nurseries - 2
Mail Order Plants
Making Magic
Making Pumpkin and Winter Squash Last
Managing Chinch Bugs
Managing Scorpions Indoors and Out
Managing Surprise Winter Insect Pests
Mantis Award for Community and School Gardens Seeks Applicants
March In The Rose Garden
May In The Rose Gardens - Natures Gifts Unfolding
Meet 5 New Super Superbells for Spring
Meet the 2017 National Plants of the Year
Middleton Place Camellias
Miniature Fairy Gardening - Little Things, Big Fun
Miniature Gardens
Miracle Gro 2012 GRO1000
Mirlitons Are a Cold Weather Vegetable Find You'll Love
Mix Master
Moist, Spicy Cake Is Cool Weather Favorite
More Container Gardening Ideas From Hayley
More Eye-Catching New Roses
Mosquito FAQ
Mosquitos and You
Moss Gardening
Moss Rocks
Mountain Laurel
Mountain Visit
Mouse in the House
Moving Clematis
Mulching Is A Must - Benefits Of Mulching For A Greener Lawn
Muskmelons Cantaloupes
My Back Yard Pond
My Dad
Nailing Carpenter Ants and Protecting Your Home
Native Bee Boosters
Native Honeysuckle
Natives Running Wild
Natural Insect and Disease Control
Nest Boxes
New All-America Selections for 2017
New Annuals for 2017 Trial Review
New David Austin Roses for 2018
New England is the Best Place for Fall Colors
New English Roses for This Year
New Perennials and Shrubs for 2017
New Plants
New Shrubs from Proven Winners
New Type of Snow Warning Will Be Issued by the National Weather Service This Winter
New Year's Resolutions and Checklist for Pet Owners
New for 2016 - Flowers and Fragrance and Color, Oh My!
Nootka Roses
November Checklist
Numbers to Grow By- Understanding Fertilizer Labels
Nutrition For Roses
Obsession - Panicle Hydrangea
Okra Sticks Are A Hit With Everyone
Old Cookbooks Are Keepers
On Location In Wilmington NC
Oregon Chain Saw
Oregon Cordless Tool System
Oregon Pole Saw
Oregon Tool
Outdoor Extravaganza 2015
Outsmarting Peter Rabbit
Overweight Pets
Paint The Garden Red
Pam Crawford Container Squash
Papery Leaves on Plants
Participate in a Holiday Tradition of Counting the Birds
Pearl-Vail CO
Peas in the Winter Garden
Peek Behind The Scenes
Peppers Hot or Not
Perennializing Spring Blooming Bulbs
Perfect Holiday Houseplant
Perfect Plants for Your Bathroom
Pest Control For First Time Homeowners
Pest Proof Flowers
Pet's Corner- Help Furry Friends Beat the Back-to-School Blues
Pet's Corner - 5 Reasons Why Summer is No Vacation for Pets
Pet's Corner - A Pet is for Life, Not Just for Christmas!
Pet's Corner - Easy Treats Fit for Fido on Thanksgiving Day
Pet's Corner - Halloween Can Scare Up Health Trouble for Pets
Pet's Corner - How to Bathe Your Dog
Pet's Corner - Picking the Right Pet Insurance Provider
Pet's Corner - Planting a Pet-Safe Spring Garden
Pet's Corner - What To Do If Your Pet Is Stung By A Bee
Pet Carrier Safety Warning
Pet Lover's Guide to Adopting a Cat
Pet Wellness Month is October
Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree This Year
Pink Fireworks
Planning Guide- Creating Your Outdoor Living Space
Planning Your Garden
Plant A Parking Lot
Plant Now For Fall Harvest
Plant Spring-Blooming Bulbs In Containers
Plant a Native River Birch
Plant for the Pollinators
Plantations On Tour
Planting For Butterflies
Planting Rosebushes - Give Them Room To Grow
Planting an Edible Garden
Plants For Busy Gardeners
Plants From Down Under
Plants That Attract Beneficial Insects
Pocket Gardens
Potato Harvest and Storage
Potato Salad Is A Matter Of Taste
Preparation of Food Scraps for Faster Composting
Prepare Before the Storm
Prepare With Care - Pre-Holiday Tips
Prevent Accidental Pet Poisoning
Preventing Pet Dehydration
Problem Solving Plants
Propagating And Moving An Old Clematis Vine
Propagation Air Layering
Protect Our Pollinators
Protect Three Key Goals With Life Insurance
Protect Your Property Ahead Of Winter Weather
Protect Your Trees From Animal Damage This Winter
Protect Your Trees From Hurricanes
Protecting Late Season Veggies From Insect Pests
Protecting Plants From Animal Damage Before It's Too Late
Protecting Your Home and Family Against Ticks and Fleas
Proven Winners
Providing Water in Winter
Pruner Care
Pruners Care
Pruning - Part One
Pruning Demystified
Pruning Lilacs
Pruning Roses
Pruning Shrubs in the Dormant Season
Pruning Your Flowering Shrubs
Pumpkin Festival Dallas Arboretum
Pumpkin On a Stick
Pumpkins Squash Gourds
Put Lessons From Retirement Week to Work
Putting Plants to the Test
Putting Your Beds to Bed
Q and A - August 2015
Q and A for September Newsletter
Quality Compost
Question - Blueberries
Question - Dying Pansies
Question - Yellowing Rhododendrons
Reach For The Sky
Ready. Set. Plant!
Recipe - A Greek Dinner
Recipe - A Warm Cozy Dinner By The Fire
Recipe - Acorn Squash Pear Filling
Recipe - Almost Easter Salad
Recipe - Apple Cake
Recipe - Apples and Oranges
Recipe - Artichoke Relish
Recipe - Asparagus Mushroom AuGratin
Recipe - Asparagus With Sunshine Sauce
Recipe - Asparagus and Radishes
Recipe - Avocados
Recipe - Baby Collards and Broccoli Over Pasta
Recipe - Baked Fish
Recipe - Beet Greens
Recipe - Beets
Recipe - Bell Pepper Cheese Sandwich
Recipe - Blackberry Cobbler from the Deep South
Recipe - Blueberries
Recipe - Blueberries and Tomatoes
Recipe - Blueberries for Breakfast
Recipe - Blueberry BBQ
Recipe - Blueberry Peach Chutney
Recipe - Broccoli Cauliflower Carrot Salad
Recipe - Brunswick Stew
Recipe - Buleberries
Recipe - Cabbage Kidney Bean Soup
Recipe - Cabbage and Green Peppers
Recipe - Carmelized Onion Casserole
Recipe - Carrots, Honey and Pecans
Recipe - Challenging Butternut Squash
Recipe - Cheddar Herb Buscuits
Recipe - Chili Sauce
Recipe - Chilled Soups
Recipe - Chilled Squash Soup
Recipe - Collard Greens
Recipe - Collards with Potlikker
Recipe - Corn and Shrimp Boil
Recipe - Cornbread Salad
Recipe - Corned Beef and Cabbage
Recipe - Cranberry Cake and Cranberry Sweet Potatoes
Recipe - Cucumber Perks Up Back Porch Appetizer
Recipe - Decorated Potatoes
Recipe - Deviled Eggs Really Are Heavenly
Recipe - Dried Tomatoes
Recipe - Eggplant Stack
Recipe - Eggplant and Sweet Onion
Recipe - English Peas
Recipe - Fennel and Potatoes
Recipe - Field Peas
Recipe - Figs
Recipe - For Corn and Green Beans
Recipe - French Aubergine Eggplant
Recipe - French Onion Soup
Recipe - Fresh Tomatoes with Pasta
Recipe - Gluten-Free Rice Dressing Makes Everyone Happy
Recipe - Gluten-free Salad is a Potluck Favorite
Recipe - Good Greens
Recipe - Gourmet Fig Ice Cream
Recipe - Grandmothers Apple Cake
Recipe - Grape Salsa
Recipe - Greek Eggplant Pizza
Recipe - Green Bean Potato Salad
Recipe - Green Beans with Tomatoes
Recipe - Green Pea Salad and Green Beans Madeira
Recipe - Ham It Up with Beans and Peas
Recipe - Ham and Asparagus
Recipe - Have Fun With Squash
Recipe - Holiday Fruit
Recipe - How To Cook Collard Greens
Recipe - Jalapeno Rice
Recipe - Leaf Lettuces
Recipe - Leeks and Lemons
Recipe - Lemon Dill Cole Slaw
Recipe - Lima Beans
Recipe - Melon Juleps
Recipe - Mushrooms and Cauliflower
Recipe - Okra
Recipe - Oranges in Grand Marnier
Recipe - Orzo Vegetables and Chicken
Recipe - Oven Roasted Carrots and Honey
Recipe - Oven Roasted Garlic
Recipe - Parsley-flavored potato soup is cold weather favorite
Recipe - Peach Upside Down Cake
Recipe - Peaches
Recipe - Pear Onion Cheese Tart
Recipe - Pears
Recipe - Pears Too
Recipe - Pecan Chiffon Pie
Recipe - Pecan Pie
Recipe - Pepperoni Pizza Tomatoes
Recipe - Peppers
Recipe - Pesto Pasta
Recipe - Pineapple Pico de Gallo
Recipe - Pineapples
Recipe - Plum Sauce
Recipe - Porch Party
Recipe - Pork Tenderloin and Apple
Recipe - Potatoes and Parsnips
Recipe - Preserving Pears
Recipe - Pumpkin Cheesecake
Recipe - Pumpkin Chocolate Bread
Recipe - Pumpkin Thyme Rolls and Stuffed Onions
Recipe - Recipes For Brunch
Recipe - Red Perilla
Recipe - Red Wine Citrus Compound Butter
Recipe - Rhubarb Custard Pie
Recipe - Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Recipe - Rutabaga and Bacon
Recipe - Salmon Quiche
Recipe - Salsa Dip
Recipe - South by Southwest
Recipe - Southern Christmas Cakes
Recipe - Southern Classic
Recipe - Special Breakfasts
Recipe - Squash, Mushroom Caps Stuffed With Crab, and White Bean Soup
Recipe - Squash
Recipe - Squash Gratin
Recipe - Squash Soup
Recipe - Strawberry Cobbler
Recipe - Strawberry Jam and Clotted Cream
Recipe - Strawberry Salads
Recipe - Stuffed Bell Peppers
Recipe - Sugar Snap Peas
Recipe - Sugar Snaps and Pasta
Recipe - Summer Salads and Vinaigrettes
Recipe - Summer Squash
Recipe - Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Pie
Recipe - Sweet Potatoes
Recipe - Sweet and Sour Salad
Recipe - Tailgate Dishes
Recipe - Tarts
Recipe - Tea Cake with Peach Tea Cream and Raspberries
Recipe - The Best Make Ahead Desserts
Recipe - The Incredible Egg
Recipe - Tomato Basil Cheese Tart
Recipe - Tomato Feta Basil Salad and Salmon Mold
Recipe - Tomato and Mint Salad
Recipe - Trifle Dessert
Recipe - Trout Dinner
Recipe - Turnips
Recipe - Vanilla Coconut Pears
Recipe - Vegetable Soup and Apple Tart
Recipe - Veggie Philly Cheese Steak
Recipe - Watermelon Rind Pickles
Recipe - Watermelon Shrimp Salad
Recipe - Whats In The Fridge
Recipe - Winter Greens
Recipe - Winter Salads
Recipe - Winter Vegetables
Recipe - Zucchini
Recovering From Root Rot
Red Imported Fire Ants
Red Orange and Yellow
Reduce Lyme Disease Risks by Keeping Tick-Carrying Deer Out of Your Yard
Rejuvenate Your Garden with Fresh Summer Color
Remedies for Dogs with Motion Sickness
Repair Your Yard From Winter's Damage
Restoring a Tired Lawn
Return Of A Tulip
Roasted Veggies Banish Your Sandwich Blues
Rooting Summer Cuttings
Roots Are Right for Winter Eating
Rose Snow Cover
Roses - How To Fertilize
Roses - How To Water
Roses - WInter Nap
Roses For Gifting
Roses Need Winter Preparation
STA Compost Testing
Safe Snow Removal
Safer Lawn Care
Safer Pest Control
Save The Monarchs
Saving Seed
Saving Your Structures from Invading Moss
Scanner Art
Season-Extenders for Fall Landscapes
Secret Gardens of Holland and Belgium
Secret Stunners for Late-Season Color
Secrets to Growing Vibrant Hibiscus
See-through Plant - Verbena bonariensis
See Croatia By Land And Sea
Seeding and Sodding Home Lawns
Seedling Care Tips - Caring for Seedlings After Germination
Senetti Story
September Forecast Calls for Warm East, Cool West
Serviceberry is a Four-Season Shrub
Serving Up Suet Helps Birds Weather Winter
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Shake Up Your Garden in 2016
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Shrubs with Winter Interest
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Simple Landscape Projects That Make A Big Difference
Simple Tips for Growing Blueberries
Simplify Cold Climate Gardening
Six Simple Tips for Growing Spectacular Succulents Indoors
Slug Control
Small Shrubs for Small Gardens
Snow Blower Safety Tips
Some Summer Reading - and Coloring
South Africa Has It All
Sow Seeds Now for an Easy and Delicious Fall Garden
Spider Flower
Spikey Strappy Plants
Spindly Spiders And Their Secret Sanctuaries
Spiny Backed Orb Weaver
Spiral Brick Garden Beds
Spook Up Your Outdoor Space, No Matter the Size
Spring Bird Feeding
Spring Care Tips For New Trees
Spring Checklist for Your Pet's Health and Happiness
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Spring Garden Planning Guide
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Spring has Sprung... And So Have the Spiders!
Spring is Here...Is Your Mower Ready
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Squash Makes the Party
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Star Magnolia
Start Your Amaryllis Indoors Now for Holiday Blooms
Starting Seeds Indoors
Starting Seeds Right in Your Garden
Storm Damage - Hurricane Sandy
Structural Pruning Trees
Summer Blues Pair Perfectly With Peaches
Summer Squash
Summer Squash Evokes Fond Feelings for Louisiana
Summer Stunners
Summer Vegetable Care
Summer Wave Torenias
Summertime Reading
Sun Parasol Mandevillas
Suntory Calibrachoa
Surfinia Petunias
Sweet Gum Trees
Sweet Onions
Sweet Potatoes Growing and Cooking
Synthetic vs. Organic Lawn and Garden Care
Take the Stress Out of Holiday Decorating
Taking Indoor Trends Outside
Talking Native Plants
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Tea - American-Made and Pesticide Free
Ten No-No Plants if You Have Rabbits
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Terrariums - Growing in Miniature
Thanksgiving Decor From Your Garden
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The Collecting Life- Garden Variety
The Common Raven
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Travelers Identifies Most Common and Costliest Homeowners Claims
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Tree Selecting - Arbor Day Foundation
Tree Trimming 101 - Dazzling Decorating Easy As 1-2-3
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Tulip Talk
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Under Cover Colonial Williamsburg
Uninvited Guests
Using Flowers As Food
Using Soil Amendments in Your Lawn and Garden
Using a Trellis to Lift Your Vines
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Vegetables For Fall Planting
Vegetables on a Budget
Vinca Jams N Jellies Blackberry
Vines That Eat Gardens
Visit Winter Gardens While Soaking Up The Sun
Vivid Verbenas For Garden Color
Want More Butterflies - Grow Caterpillars
Want to Be Better at Work Get an Indoor Plant
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Weakening Polar Vortex Could Mean More Cold Spells Ahead for North America
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What's Your Landscape Style
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What If - The Five Reasons Why You Need Wedding Insurance
What Is Normal
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When Crickets Cease to Chirp and Dogs Lie in the Sun, Plant Tulips
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When kids GROW food...they KNOW food
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Why Home Remedies for Fire Ants Don't Work, and What Does
Why Tomatoes Taste Sour Or Bitter - How To Fix Bitter Tasting Tomatoes
Why You Should Nick Seed Coats Before Planting
Why You Shouldn't Let Fall Leaves Cover Your Grass
Why has my Pet's Flea Medicine Stopped Working
Wild About Natives
Wild Roses
Wild Tulips Thrive in a Garden's Rough Spots
Will El Nino Make This Allergy Season Worse
Will This Strong El Nino Take Away Your White Christmas
Winter 2015-2016 U.S. Mid-Term Report Card
Winter Burn on Broadleaved Evergreens
Winter Cuttings
Winter Cuttings Part 2
Winter Garden Walk
Winter Honeysuckle
Winter Interest
Winter Lawn and Landscape Care Seasonal Guide
Winter Outlook 2015-2016
Winter Storm Names 2015-2016- What They Are and What They Mean
Winter Tree Pruning
Winter is the Perfect Time for Planning Your Spring Garden
Winterize Your Garden-Bringing the Plants Indoors
Winterizing Roses
Winterizing Shrubs
Winterizing Your Mower
Winterizing Your Outdoor Power Equipment
Winterizing Your Rosebushes
Wishbone Flower
Wisteria Amethyst Falls
Woodland Tabletop Scene
Writers of Gardens
Year of the Carrot
Year of the Pansy
Year of the Rose
Your Grill - Think Outside the Bun
Your September Garden To-Do List
Your Vehicle Can Be a Trap in a Flood
Zukeeni - Creating Yard-to-Table Communities
GardenSMART Featured Article

By Justin Hancock, Costa Farms Horticulturist, Photographs courtesy of Costa Farms

Gardening indoors and out come with their own sets of challenges and opportunities, making it easy to master one and struggle with the other. If you're one who puts your focus outdoors, but you want to enjoy the beauty and air-purification properties of houseplants, start here! Read more...

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